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Dixie Sunrise Rotary
Toe Trail Head
100 E
Ivins, UT
United States of America
Project:  Snow Canyon State Park Illegal Trail Removal
Date:  Saturday, April 24, 2021
Time: 7:00am to 9:00am
Meeting Location:  100 E. in Ivins (the very north end where it terminates at the park boundary).  Please note - parking is limited.
Description:  Multiple illegal trails have cropped up in the vicinity of the Toe Trail (in the southwest corner of the park).  These trails not only confuse visitors but damage sensitive tortoise habitat.  This project will primarily involve reinforcing signage, and picking up and moving rocks to discourage use/eliminate trails.  Work will involve digging holes for signs; bending at the waist; picking up and moving rocks (up to 20 pounds in weight); and sweeping out tracks/footprints.   Participants should wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots; bring sturdy work gloves; and dress appropriately for hot, exposed conditions.  Hats, sunscreen, and drinking water are also recommended.  Tools will be supplied.
Thanks, Dave Nelson