We had a wonderful presentation by World Famous Chef and Polio Survivor Ina Pinkney.  
At this week's zoom meeting the Rotary Club of Dixie Sunrise had the pleasure of hosting a guest speaker by the name of Ina Pinkney in honor of #WorldPolioDay. Ina is a Chicago legend known as the "Breakfast Queen" and she fed Chicagoans for 33 years. Not only is she an outstanding chef she is a community leader, a pioneer, a television personality, a columnist at the Chicago Tribune and the subject of an award winning documentary called BEAKFAST AT INA'S. The description that means the most to her is POLIO SURVIVOR and advocate for #ROTARYendPOlioNow. She found a way to transform her passion into a joy that extended to an entire city and beyond. If this wasn't enough she also got to dance with Fred Astaire
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